Aario Shahbany's personal home page

Open Source Contributions

Currently I have two profiles online for my opensource projects:


This is where all my first projects reside. I later migrated to GitHub. But that doesn't mean I abandoned my projects on SourceForge. I will keep updating those on SourceForge, just as a personal preference, I decided to host my new projects on GitHub.


As I mentioned above, since sometime ago I decided to host any new project of mine on github. I will keep updating those projects which I started on SourceForge, but here you can see my most recent opensource projects as well.

More info

More over, under menu "Projects" you can see some description of each of my opensource projects and link to their home pages. Not only as examples of my work quality, but they are also useful as examples for writing programs. Even more than that, you may find some of them very high quality software you can use in production, all free and opensource. Of course, like any free and open-source software, these softwares do not come with any warranty. Read their licenses before use.


Usually I prefer GPLv3 for my open-source works. But for each project, refer to its licensing information within its files.